Bacoban answers modern day demands for antiviral, antibacterial disinfection that is biocompatible.

Since bacteria, viruses and fungi have developed a more sophisticated ability to resist and survive, there is a need to develop increasingly smart disinfection technology. Bacoban offers a solution that protects long-term against harmful microorganisms preventing them from multiplying and reproducing.

Computer Software Protection

  • Antivirus software protection against, malware, trojans and identity theft.
  • Smart analysis and detection of destructive agents leads to their deletion from the computer system.

Surface Protection

  • Bacobans nanocoat remains active for up to 10 days protecting surfaces against new contamination of viruses, bacteria and fungi.
  • While cleaning surfaces with acoban a semi-permanent nanoscale sponge layer storing anti-pathogen agents is deposited. Ultra-thin layer additionally establishes an easy-to-clean surface which reduces the cleaning necessary by more than 50%.